Using the RTI CTRL Self-Assessment


The self-assessment consists of questions used to determine your level(s) of implementation in each of the four implementation considerations.

On the following pages we will present a series of items that refer to different aspects of RTI implementation. These items are grouped into four implementation considerations, representing aspects of implementation at the state level. For each item, select from the list the description that best matches your current role and/or interest in statewide or large-scale RTI implementation.

As you complete these items, remember that they refer to implementation at the state level. You may not personally be involved in all of the activities described, but as long as the state is engaged in the different aspects of implementation described by the questions, please indicate which activities it is currently undertaking, so that we can classify the state's level of implementation as accurately as possible.


Each question in the self-assessment refers to large-scale or statewide implementation of RTI, often by the use of the phrase “state support of RTI implementation.” We recognize that states are supporting RTI implementation in various ways. Some states have chosen to develop systems of support for districts choosing to implement RTI. Other states have adopted a more direct model, asking districts across the states to implement RTI. (If you have questions about the pros and cons of these different approaches, please contact your Regional Comprehensive Center.) As you take the self-assessment, we encourage you to reflect on RTI implementation as approached by your state department of education and select descriptions based on what support of RTI implementation means in your state.

We have tried to use the term “initial implementation sites” to refer to any sites at which implementation is being “tested” or “piloted” or any sites at which RTI is first implemented with support from the state. Similarly, “potential implementation sites” refers to sites to which implementation will likely spread, usually as part of a (formal or informal) scaling up process.


After you submit your answers, you will be taken to a page with your results. Here you will find your level(s) of implementation in each of the implementation considerations, and a list of selected resources that match your level of implementation in each of the four implementation considerations. You will be able to bookmark this page and download your responses to the Self-Assessment there.

Advanced Implementation

State-level implementation of RTI is a relatively recent initiative in many states, meaning the highest levels of implementation are sparse both in practice and in resources. Therefore, we may not be able to recommend resources that match some states’ level of implementation. However, RTI CTRL is a dynamic tool that will continue to evolve as RTI evolves, and we will post resources for higher levels of implementation as they become available. We encourage you to take the self-assessment periodically to gauge your growth and to access new resources.